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architectural design with years of experience

architectural design

The starting point for architectural design is business and its requirements. We see architectural design, not only as producing a technical document, but rather as a description of the business from a technical point of view. We produce an architecture plan that supports your business in the best possible way.

The best results are achieved through co-operation between people who are responsible for the business and those responsible for technical implementation. This assures that the information flows smoothly between the parties, and the starting points of the business become part of the technical design. 

Why is careful architectural design so important?

Architectural design helps you understand which systems companies have at their disposal and how they are linked to the business. This makes it possible to effectively use the existing systems in the development of new or already existing services. Careful architectural design helps keeping the whole set of IT services as simple and clear as possible. It also allows to respond to new challenges and adapt agilely. Furthermore, a careful architectural plan can help you to understand better your customers and what brings them value.

How do you identify a successful architectural plan?

  • The systems are described on a logical and physical level
  • The plan uses business terms
  • Includes comprehensive security modeling
  • Companies understand the systems at their disposal and understand how they affect business
  • The architectural plan is based on your company's business needs

With architecture design, you can succeed in even the most complex projects!

At Miili, architectural design is always carried out by listening to the customer's needs. We have decades of experience in architecture design and business-driven IT consulting. Feel free to contact us and let's figure out together how we can help you in the best possible way. The duration and pricing of the architectural design project are always agreed on a case-by-case basis. We recommend connecting the Event Storming workshop to the architecture design.

Contact us and let's figure out together the most suitable solutions for your company's needs!