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Developer, are you dreaming of a pay raise or wondering why someone else makes more money than you do? The most in-demand workers in the labour market are often united by one factor; a constant desire to develop and renew. Often, these employees also have the most room for negotiation in their pay. We have collected a six-point list of things that will further increase your labour market value.

Rolling stone does not gather moss

Do you feel like you fell off the crest of development while working on the same project for several years? The so-called project cycle is an effective way of ensuring that your skills are constantly up to date and your labour market value is high. It is worth applying for jobs that offer the opportunity to move to new projects at regular intervals within the company. Another way to avoid skills being lost is to change jobs and then pursue new projects.

Curiosity inherits the earth

The developers own labour market value can be effectively increased with self-service leisure projects. The hallmark of a good software developer is often the natural interest in learning new things. In your free time, you can, for example, do your own MOOCs projects, read books and blogs on topics of interest to you. Udemy and Coursera also offer useful courses for leisure studies.

Soft skills as a tool for software developers

The importance of soft skills is growing rapidly even in the work tasks of software developers. Soft skills refer to all the non-technical skills and characteristics of an individual, such as teamwork and interaction skills. Especially as the seniority of the software developer grows, the importance of these skills is emphasised. Important soft skills for software developers include the ability to lead a team and make technical decisions through business. By developing these skills, it is possible to significantly increase its own labour market value. 

Take over the elevator talk

Learn what you're good at and what you want to do. By outlining what you want to do and where to get to, you also have a better understanding of what needs to be done to get there. It is also worth actively expanding networks by visiting various meetups, for example.

Key technologies

Technologies come and go, and it is important to have a deep understanding of application development concepts and fundamentals. An in-depth understanding of these will enable the rapid takeover of new tools and technologies. However, some basic languages and tools, such as JS, SQL, Java, and DevOps, remain year after year and are not going anywhere. It is therefore also worth taking good control of these. 

Project cycle

Miili Consulting was born out of a desire to offer IT talent a job where you can continuously develop your own expertise. At Miili, this is made a possibility, for example, by means of a project cycle. Employees themselves have an influence on what kind of projects they would be interested in working on, and you don't have to stuck to the same project for several years. We are constantly looking for new IT experts from different backgrounds and would love to hear more about you. Feel free to contact us and let's talk more!