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miili consulting & axoniq partnership

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with AxonIQ!

Miili Consulting and the Dutch-native tech company AxonIQ have started working as partners in Finland to help software development professionals use the DDD (Domain-driven design), CQRS (Command query responsibility segregation) and Event Sourcing models in software architecture, design, and development. It is important to offer software consultancy and training locally, and to grow the Finnish community, and those are the common objectives of Miili Consulting and AxonIQ. Miili Consulting is excited to start the partnership with AxonIQ:

"We are very delighted to have the opportunity to work with AxonIQ. With their support, we are in a better position to provide business-oriented IT consulting services for our customers in Finland. We look forward to working with AxonIQ."

AxonIQ is also thrilled to start working with Miili Consulting:

"Miili Consulting and AxonIQ are working as partners in Finland to help developers use the DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing patterns to model modern applications and use the AxonIQ stack to implement those patterns. It is important to deliver consultancy and training locally and in the local language and Miili is more than able to do so. AxonIQ is thrilled to start working with Miili Consulting to grow the Finnish community. "

About AxonIQ

AxonIQ enables organizations to see, understand and flex their software systems to meet their customer's needs.

Founded in 2017, AxonIQ is headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Working with a distributed team we have customers around the world in sectors as varied as financial services, logistics, retail, and healthcare. What our customers have in common is a desire to better understand how their systems work, both from a technical and commercial perspective. They handle huge amounts of data, often sensitive data, and many millions of information transactions a day. We enable our customers to streamline and redefine their systems to suit, not by rebuilding from scratch, but in ways that align with customer needs, and a customer's agility.

We offer the world's only purpose-built event-thinking platform. Underpinned by Axon Server, and Axon Framework, the Axon platform helps you build digital-native applications for modern organizations. Axon Server is a distributed event-sourced database and message routing solution. Axon Framework is a developer API used to implement event driven systems.

Axon is an end-to-end development and infrastructure platform that smoothly evolves event-driven microservices. It includes a programming model supported by a specialized infrastructure for scaling and distributing mission-critical business applications.

To learn more visit AxonIQ.io

check out our upcoming meetup and training events with axoniq!

We are organizing a Domain-Driven Design Meetup with AxonIQ on the 3rd of May! We are pleased to have the industry expert Allard Buijze from AxonIQ as a keynote speaker to the event!

We are also organizing a Training Day with Allard Buijze on the 4th of May!