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MIILI CONSULTING has been sertified Hyvän mielen työpaikka ® label


MIELI The Finnish Mental Health Association has sertified Miili Consulting with the Hyvän mielen työpaikka® label in recognition of the work we have done at Miil to promote mental health and our efforts to make our organisation even more mind-friendly. The label is a recognition of the work communities struggling for a better working life.

Miili received a great deal of positive feedback from MIELI ry, which awarded the label. "In all respects, your application is a model example of a comprehensive and systematic way to strengthen employees' well-being and mental health. It contains a number of delightful points. For example, how the well-being of employees' minds has already been incorporated into values and strategy, as well as how carefully the articles of the law supporting mental health have been filled in by you. Clearly, there is a human concept based ontrust, appreciation and humanity behind the thinking," MIELI ry sums up.

Hyvän mielen työpaikka label was developed as part of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health's project, which aims to promote the working life and public health of Finns by providing tools for developing the mental health of workplaces. In order to receive the label, there are certain requirements. Mental health promotion need to be managed systematically through everyday practices at the workplace to support mental health, and employees' mental health need to be supported in different life situations. You can read more about the criteria of the  of the label from MIELI.

Miili also received a lot of praise from MIELI ry for its work culture. "We were also delighted by the work culture you described, which relies heavily on psychological safety, understanding the impact of different life situations on work and participatory and transparent decision-making. It is an excellent ground for nurturing and strengthening mental well-beingand health," MIELI ry says. 

Caring has come from deep within miilian DNA since the beginning of the company, and it also received special attention in MIELI ry's feedback to Miili. 

"Caring is undoubtedly a natural and integral part of your operating culture. Attention has been paid to supporting employees' mental health in crises or in different life situations. Occupational health care services are truly comprehensive and a widerange of investments have also been made in preparing for various exceptional situations," MIELI ry comments. 

We recommend exploring the label for other employers too

Hyvän mielen työpaikka label also serves as a tool for providing ideas and recommendations for promoting mental health and developing in the workplace. "At Miili, we created a good-spirited workplace label with tips and recommendations for finally getting the label. The groundwork leading to getting the badge was nice to do together and it improved our team's sense of belonging. The label will continue to be a good tool for promoting mental health in our workplace. I strongly recommend getting to know the brand to other employers as well," says Miilin HR Lead Noora Leinonen.

Long-term work to promote mental health continues at Miili even better

Miili Consulting has been founded from the very beginning on a desire to provide software developers with a workplace where their overall well-being is at the core and that provides an opportunity for continuous personal development. This is also what we invest in every day in our everyday lives. At Miili, we treat each of our employees as individuals and are flexible as needed according to their life situations. 

We also support the well-being of our employees through very comprehensive occupational health care and employee benefits. We offer our employees, among other things, the possibility to use one hour's working time per week for optional physical activity and 15 hours per month for personal learning within working hours. 

Feel free to contact us and discuss more about what your dream role would be like. We are happy to tell you more about what it is like for us to work and what kind of job opportunities we have 🙂