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soft skills of a software developer


what kind of soft skills does a software developer need now and in the future?

The importance of the soft skills that have been much discussed is growing at a tremendous rate even in the work of software developers. Such soft skills include all the non-technical skills and characteristics of the individual. In this article, Miili's HR Lead Noora Leinonen opens up more precisely what kind of soft skills IT recruiters are looking for in top candidates. 

"Even at the recruitment stage, it is emphasised how important soft skills are. Candidates with soft skills definitely stand out. Candidates with soft skills usually do better in customer interviews thanks to their interaction skills," says Miili's HR Lead Noora Leinonen.

Success in projects and communication with the customer

The interaction skills and cooperation of a software consultant are of the utmost importance. When a consultant works in client projects, he or she also acts as the face of the company. Adaptability is useful for a consultant to adapt to new client projects and different teams. At best, the consultant also has good problem-solving and critical thinking skills, as well as creativity, so that they can help the customer in the best possible way.

Well-being of a team

A software developer with good soft skills gets along well in his team. At best, he creates a good team spirit around him, helps his colleagues and is able to resolve conflicts. He or she is adaptable, open to change and flexible. Developer is able to think about things from the point of view of others, is emotionally abreast and has own empathy.

Change situations and development as a consultant

Soft skills include readiness for change, and this is particularly important now and in the future, as our working life is increasingly characterised by constant change. Adaptability is important when working in different customer projects and needs to adapt quickly to different teams and new projects. 

"Curiosity and a desire to constantly learn new things are also important for the consultant. Miili supports the learning of its software developers by offering the opportunity to study with 15 hours per month of working time," says Miili HR Lead Noora.


The importance of soft skills is growing alongside digitalisation. As inter-human interaction becomes digital, interaction skills become even more important. Soft know-how is especially important because AI cannot do the same.

Miil's soft values

Miili highlights soft values in leadership and work culture. Miil's work community emphasises openness and support for development. 

At Miili, we aim to create meaningful career stories where the needs and wishes of employees and customers meet, and where software developers with soft future skills get the opportunity to grow and develop.

Are you interested in working at Miili or do you have a new talent in the search? Read more about our job vacancies or contact Noora directly.