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What kind of sustainability actions can a small company do?


What kind of sustainability actions can a small company focused on software development do on a daily basis? At Miili, we believe that in addition to large campaigns, the company's responsibility is weighed every day in all our everyday life and involves all our employees together. In the everyday life of a small company, responsibility is reflected, for example, in the prevailing working culture and in how we take care of each other's well-being and influence the surrounding society.

Social responsibility at Miili

Miili was conceived from our founder Ilkka Horsma's desire to provide software developers with a workplace where their well-being and continuous development are at the core. This objective has been supported since the beginning, for example, by: Miili's employee-oriented values and an open and inclusive working culture.

Employee well-being is a large entity consisting of many areas. In addition to a caring and open working culture, we strive to support the comprehensive well-being of our employees, for example with our comprehensive employee benefits. We offer our employees, among other things, all-encompassing occupational health care, the possibility to use one hour's paid working time per week for their own optional physical activity, and the possibility to study 15 hours a month of working time in entities that interest themselves.

As a small company, we are also able to take into account each of our employees as individuals and be flexible according to their changing life situations. We strongly believe that there must definitely be enough power for other things after work. We are also committed to regularly measuring the well-being of our employees at work. We are guided by a constant desire to serve our employees as well as possible, which is why we have also invested a lot in providing feedback and development proposals on the smallest possible threshold, either anonymously or under our own name. We have also tried to create an operating culture where everyone would feel safe to share their own ideas, experiences and feedback with others.

At Miili, the key management themes are also the coping of the personnel and the well-being of the mind. Among other things, we received a Good Mind Workplace badge from MIELI RY in recognition of the long-term work we have done to promote these issues. Read more about what kind of things Miili was praised for at MIELI Ry in connection with the badge.

Equality and equality are the foundations of our entire operations, and their implementation has been taken into account from our recruitment processes all the way to the salary.

Corporate responsibility

Miili's employees have a lot of interest in participating in projects aimed at developing corporate responsibility. We have participated in such projects in the past, and our software developers also have the necessary skills and expertise in connection with them.

We strive for openness and transparency in all our operations, both for our customers and employees. This is reflected in the customer's direction, for example, in the transparency of project pricing and in our employees through the fact that we openly communicate to them what price their work is offered to the customers. 

How do we take responsibility for society and the local community?

We have collaborated with different educational institutions and offered internships to new talents of the future, for example. In addition, we have collaborated with Saranen, for example, and employed people who have been unemployed or changers for a long time. On our blog, you can read the story of our former employee Satu.

An important theme for Miili people has also been, for example, supporting physical activity among children and young people, and we have supported, among other things, Kerava Baseball Club for this purpose. We also act as monthly donors to WWF and Unicef. At Christmas, we wanted to play our part by participating in the Good Christmas Spirit collection organised by the Finnish Red Cross and Mannerheim's Association for Child Welfare. At the joint request of the Miili people, the donation was used to obtain gift cards for needy families to buy food for the Christmas table.

Read more about our values and feel free to contact us if we can help with either the project or if we are interested in working with us.