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software projects gone wrong.

I have come across the series of images below several times when IT system projects that have gone wrong have been presented in public. There have been reports of how end users were forgotten and how the system is unusable. Not only time but also money has been wasted and the belief that IT systems can be designed and implemented professionally has been eroded. System suppliers are also often accused of being greedy, the ultimate purpose of which is to bring the customer into a so-called 'customer' supplier lock and collect only the customer's money. 

Miili Consulting. Software projects gone wrong. A cartoon of different concepts of project implementation.

I personally believe that one problem with software projects that have gone wrong is that there is more interest in technology than in the end result itself. During my career, I have been involved in a wide range of projects. We've seen and experienced a lot of things. I also admit that I was involved in projects that went wrong, who hasn't. 

Early in his career, technology was very interesting and was almost more important than the business perspective. I believe that many people coming directly from school to the industry have similar ideas early in their careers. You have to be interested in technology and always develop yourself and monitor the development of the field. Education is partly the reason for this. However, it is more important to understand what is being done and how IT systems can be supported in it. 

This blog will focus on how a software architect with ICT know-how can contribute to reading more about successful IT projects than about failures. I will share personal experiences of past and present projects and give the advice and methods I have identified as good, how it system designs or architects can increase their own understanding of the system being built. I will also give my own views on how to improve the training of IT professionals so that they have a better chance of designing systems that work. 

If you want to know how to avoid going wrong with a software project and get a step closer to a successful project, first find out what is required of the project.