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efficient process development

Process development

At Miili, process development covers the modelling of existing processes and the target state of the future. Process development also includes a plan for how processes can be developed in order to achieve the modelled target mode. Process development helps to understand the current way of working and how different functions are linked and affect the company's business. It also helps effectively identify process bottlenecks that, by removing them, save company resources and improve the customer experience. 

Monitoring and measuring process performance also plays a key role in process development. The correctly selected system support makes this easy to succeed. System support can be implemented in more ways and we build it to meet the needs of your company.

Event Storming method to support process development

In process development, we use the Event storming method, which makes it possible to get a very good overview of the company's IT information systems and how they support the company's business.

The method is highly functional e.g.

  • Converting a monolithic system into microservices
  • Event-based microservice systems
  • Producing an architecture plan

The recommended duration for modeling workshop is 2-3 days.

In addition to process development, our special expertise also includes architectural design and full stack software development with years of experience. 

Contact us and let's figure out together the most suitable solutions for your company's needs!