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value-centric miili 

Story of Miili

Miili Consulting is a small and agile, value-oriented company. Our company was founded out of the founder's desire to provide business-driven IT services with motivated and happy employees. 

Miili originated from our founder's kids names, Miiko and Linus. The name seemed fitting, since the Hebrew name Mili also means trustworthy friend. We want to be a reliable partner for our customers and employees throughout the journey, and that's something we invest in all our operations.

Values of Miili

Values have been important to us since we were founded. They are based on trust, listening, agility, learning and innovation, as well as caring. 


Trust serves as the basis for everything we do. Trust is built by the honesty and transparency of our operations. It creates freedom and flexibility to what we do. We trust in each other and give our colleagues the freedom to influence their work.


We listen to each other's ideas and learn eagerly from each other. We listen to our employees wishes regarding what kind of projects and what kind of technologies they would like to work with. We also genuinely listen to the customer and their needs. 


As a small company, we are able to operate agilely without the burden of a large organisation. We can make changes quickly according to the operating environment and the changing needs of the customer. 

Learning and evolving

We challenge ourselves and each other to learn new things and develop. We offer great development opportunities for you. Together we will build you a personal development plan and map out the want and needs for certificates. We are remarkably committed to support studying and self-developing and will offer you the opportunity to study up to 15 hours a month during your working hours!


It is important for us at Miili that our employees have flexibility to their work lives'. We take into account the employee's different situations in their lives and be flexible. We're doing everything we can to make everyone feel good and safe. In our small and agile company, we are able to take every employee into account as an individual. We have extensive employee benefits in order to support the well-being of our employees. One example of this is a sports benefit of EUR 400 per year and the possibility to spend 1 hour a week of working time on self-motivated exercise!


MIELI The Finnish Mental Health Association has certified Miili Consulting with the Hyvän mielen työpaikka® in recognition of the work we have done at Miili to support mental health and our efforts to make our organisation even more mind-friendly. The label is a recognition of the work communities that are working towards a better working life. Read more about the label and MIELI ry's feedback to Miili on our blog.