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information about Miili

Story of Miili

Miili Consulting is a value-driven and employee-oriented company established in 2018. Our company was born out of the founder's desire to provide business-driven IT services to his clients, with motivated and well-being employees at the heart of the business. 

Miili was inspired by the names of our founder's children, Miikoand Linus. The name seemed just right, as the Hebrew name Mili also means "trusted friend". We want to be a trusted partner for our customers and employees throughout their journey, and that's something we focus on in everything we do.


For us, responsibility - social, environmental and economic responsibility - is important. We take care of social and societal responsibility by working with educational institutions, for example with young people with special needs. We have also employed people who have been unemployed for a long time.

Social responsibility is also reflected in our commitment to the well-being and mental health of our employees. It is important to us that our employees feel well, so that they can also serve our customers with motivation and happiness. In recognition of the work we do to promote employee wellbeing, we have been awarded the Good Mental Health Workplace® label.

Our financial responsibility is reflected, for example, in our efforts to create sustainable customer relationships, through trust and transparency. We have been involved in projects with sustainability, circular economy, social and environmental responsibility as their cornerstones. We are a monthly donor to UNICEF, and we also support WWF. Read more about our sustainability commitments.

Values of Miili

Values have been important to us since we were founded. They are based on trust, listening, agility, learning and innovation, as well as caring. 


Trust serves as the basis for everything we do. Trust is built by the honesty and transparency of our operations. It creates freedom and flexibility to what we do. We trust in each other and give our colleagues the freedom to influence their work.


We listen to each other's ideas and look forward to learning from others. We listen to what kind of projects and technologies our employees would like to work on. We also genuinely listen to our customers and their needs. 


As a small company, we can operate in an agile way without the burden of a large organisation. We are quick to innovate according to the changing environment and customer needs. 

Learning and evolving

We challenge ourselves and each other to learn new things and evolve. We offer great opportunities for development, just for you. Let's put together a personal development plan and get a few certificates. We're so committed to supporting learning and self-development that we'll give you the opportunity to study up to 15 hours a month during working hours!


For us in Miili, it is important to be flexible in our daily lives. We go with the employee's life situation and we are flexible. We live with it. We do everything we can to make everyone feel good and safe. In our small and agile company, we are able to consider each employee as an individual. We have a wide range of employment benefits to support the well-being of our employees. 


MIELI, The Finnish Mental Health Association, has awarded Miili Consulting the Good Mental Health Workplace® label in recognition of our work at Miili to promote well-being and mental health, and our efforts to make our organisation even more mind-friendly. The label is a recognition of work communities working towards a better working life. 


Miili offers its clients business-oriented software consulting. We offer a wide range of software development services with an agile approach, using modern and customer-oriented technologies .

Miili is a trusted partner for its customers in a wide range of industries, including financial services, insurance, telecommunications, telecom, security, manufacturing and healthcare. Our clients range from small start-ups to large corporations.