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We gather some Personal Data about our customers according to the EU GDPR. We may change or modify this privacy policy. We do not sell or give infor­ma­tion about our customers to 3rd parties unless explicitly agreed with the customer.  We handle the infor­ma­tion about our customers’ Personal Data with uttermost sensitivity. 



Miili Consulting Oy 
Kauppakuja 3 A 22,
04130 Sipoo

Contact in privacy matters

Ilkka Horsma (Partner & CEO)

The purpose of this policy

In order for us to be able to provide our services, we need to collect certain data about our customers. This policy explains what data we collect and how we use that data. Should you have any questions on data protec­tion at Miili Consulting Oy, please contact us by using the infor­ma­tion given in this policy.

We collect and save data regarding our corporate customers and prospects as well as our indivi­dual customers. The main use of this data is for recruit­ment, client commu­nica­tion, sales, and other use. Personal Data is processed according to the GDPR.

If you are a candidate in our recruit­ment processes, we may collect customer data about your profes­sional past and skills in order to find you the most suitable emplo­y­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties. In practice, this means that the data we collect about your skills and emplo­y­ment history is only, with your consent, presented to companies in order to connect you to the most interes­ting employers in our network. Personal Data is processed according to the GDPR.

What data do we collect?

In general, we only collect data for specified, explicit and legiti­mate purposes. Your Personal Data will be processed lawfully, fairly and in a trans­pa­rent manner. 

In order to provide the potential employers and partners sufficient infor­ma­tion about you, we collect infor­ma­tion including, but not limited to:

  • first name & last name
  • email
  • phone
  • residence
  • profes­sional skills
  • profes­sional profile such as a link to your LinkedIn profile, Github profile or any equiva­lent profes­sional social profile
  • emplo­y­ment history

Where do we get the data?

 We collect data from sources including, but not limited to:

  • LinkedIn, Github, Fonecta
  • Meetups with customers
  • Media
  • Contact forms on our website

Transfer of data outside of the EEA

We use 3rd Party services for storing and proces­sing some Personal Data. The 3rd Parties only process or store the infor­ma­tion. Miili Consulting Oy remains as the sole controller. Some of our 3rd party partners are located outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and, therefore, may access your data from outside of the EEA. 

Partners that may access your Personal Data are for example, but not limited to:

  • Google Drive for presen­ting our indivi­dual customers to corporate customers.
  • Our clients’ software such as Microsoft Office tools.


Confidentiality is important to us. We process all data you give us confi­den­tially and only by such personnel of Miili Consulting Oy who need to access it to perform their duties. For our indivi­dual clients, we give your data forward only with your consent. 

How long do we process your data?

As a rule, we store your data for 2 years from the last contact with you.

In certain cases we need to store certain data that is required for our rights and obliga­tions related to the agreed, pending and/or performed assign­ments as long as necessary for ensuring such rights and obliga­tions of Miili Consulting Oy regarding such assign­ments (e.g. invoicing and contrac­tual liabi­li­ties) and accounting.

You may always request us to remove your data from our platform and erase your data to the extent it is not necessary for the above-mentioned purposes.

What rights do you have?

You have the right to request accessing, erasing and correc­ting your personal data processed by Miili Consulting Oy as well as send us any other requests based on the applicable laws such as to request restric­tion of proces­sing the data or having it trans­ferred to another controller. Please send any requests concer­ning your data to the email addresses set out herein. 


Data protec­tion laws are super­vised in Finland by the Finnish Data Protection Ombudsman. If you want to learn more, visit