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Developing Inner Champion - customer experience with Miili


Inner Champion Oy is a company founded by Christina Forssell, who specialises in mental coaching. Inner Champion's first mission was to create an app for football players that would allow mental coaching tools to be deployed for all players over the age of 15. The Inner Champion Football app has been developed with great enthusiasm with Miili Consulting since last spring, and is now in target group testing.

Christina Forssell is a former football player and has been a mental coach for athletes for 20 years. Christina has noticed in her work that there are a lot of mental coaching tools that athletes could benefit greatly from. According to Christina, there are a lot of basic tools that every athlete could use even without the presence of a mental coach. This observation also gave the idea of Inner Champion.

"With clients, I have noticed how much athletes benefit from mental coaching tools and ideas, and how important it would be for every athlete to be able to take advantage of them regardless of place – and regardless of whether or not they have the opportunity and afford to use the services of a mental coach. I see that mental coaching is not just one or two things, it is an all-out whole, and that's the idea I wanted to express in the form of an app as well."

Christina first heard about Ilka and Miilis from one of her investors. Christina's company decided to choose Miili as its partner to develop the app, partly because Ilkka and the app's main developer Satu seemed to sync well and both were genuinely excited about the app and believed in it.

" I got a great feeling from Ilkka. I think we hit it off well, and he himself was interested in the subject. It's always important to me when you work with partners. Ilka herself has a background in football and it helped in the sense that she understood the sports world and believed in the idea. Ilkka, in turn, praised and warmly recommended Satu. When We got started with Fairy Tale, the cooperation worked very flexibly from the start. He kept the threads in hand really well and also the overall project really well on schedule. From our side, it wasn't quite clear at first what we would like the app to look like exactly. Fairy tales came up with really good ideas and clear, smart suggestions." 

Christina says that the app world was completely alien to her, but she says that the project was greatly helped by how Satu managed to communicate clearly throughout the project and listen to inner champion's wishes. According to Christina, it was also very helpful that Satu had the courage to tell if someone was not technically possible while the app was still in the pilot phase. Christina says that she felt that communication was an integral part of the process and that it worked really well.

"Communication is a very important part of the process. In my opinion, there has been very prior information if there have been delays, holidays or something similar. It has also been good that we have sometimes been pushed to deliver materials so that the project has been kept on schedule. Any issues have immediately been flexibly corrected. And they have also received very well the development proposals that have come from our side. We have always been able to discuss matters and take quick meetings smoothly as needed."

Christina says that she has been particularly pleased with the solid expertise and insights that Miili has been able to provide for the project and how careful her work was.

"I was left with the feeling that Miil had excellent expertise in sharing views and opinions in the coding itself. I think Satu was really specific about her work and wanted to do a really good job, which was important to me. If we had talk that something didn't work out, Satu immediately went after it without saving her own time."

Christina's greetings to Satu:

"Thank you for your truly excellent and rewarding co-operation! I warmly recommend Satu for any project that requires professional software development."

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